The Business of Experiential Travel

Immerse. Experience. Learn.

About the Symposium! 

Think about your last vacation.  What were those moments that you shared with friends and family either during the trip or after?


Today’s travel is all about special, behind the scenes, hands-on, one-of-a-kind experiences that immerse customers deep inside your business and community.  It’s about creating moments they will want to share.  Some call it experiential tourism.  We call it real tourism.


Join us on November 8th, 2018 for a dynamic and interactive day of hands-on learning from the pros.  Leave with a couple of photos posted to your wall and an understanding how this approach to travel can enhance your bottom line.


Hamilton Halton Brant is ripe to share its stories. Let’s give people something to talk about.

Why attend?



If you are an accommodator with a great meeting space, a welcoming lobby or a breakfast room that sits empty after 9:30 a.m. every day, this event will inspire you to put these spaces to work to deliver ‘out of the ordinary’ visitor experiences.



Calling all restaurants (and your chefs), breweries, agriculture producers and catering firms. Learn why visitors care about you and want to hear your personal stories, learn your secrets and taste your latest creations.


Meetings and Convention Planners

Creativity is key when organizing an event that people will want to attend.  Learn how to surprise people with little details and unexpected/unusual activities that will stick with them longer than the free pen.



Spend the day with your peers from across the region and connect with operators to figure out how you can help them deliver really, really, really memorable visitor experiences. 

Attractions, Museums, Galleries, Theatres, Indigenous Operators 

Are there stories that you can tell in a more immersive way? Do you have times and spaces that new visitor experiences can fill? Learn from a visitor perspective. It will make yours even better